Sunday, August 23, 2009

My weekend!

So, I am on my way home from the lake! We had a blast despite the few
issues we came across...let me start from the beginning!

So Jake and I get there Friday evening around 8- as we pull into
Buncomb Creek we see Heath and Jen's Tahoe pass us going the other
way...hmm! We get to there house and jen is there and tells us that
Tyler and Heath went to madill to try and find a part for the boat
because the steering broke- suck! I was so looking forward to going
out on the boat- we all said we'd settle for hangin out at a beached
area called "the point" if we had to but deep down we all knew we'd be
a little disappointed! There is just somethig about being out in the
water floating on a raft behind the boat!

So that night we rode the golf carts for a bit and then jen and I
played Farkle, which she is a natural at BTW, a d then we all went to
bed...this is where my RS comes into play.

So I'm laying there and all the sudden I had better get to the toilet
STAT or Brewer is gonna get a shower in puke! So I make it to he
bathroom....thank goodness! Lets talk about my stupid RS Syndrome! RS
stands for Random Sickness! Hi, my name's heather and I randomly get
sick at the most inopportune times!!! And once I get nauseated- I'm
done the rest the night! So I try to lie back down and horizontal
does not work well with my tummy! Dang it- back to the bathroom I go!
Then after that bout- I take my blanket pillow and a bag to jakes
truck and try to sleep sitting up so I won't bother everyone and wake
them up...I did well in the truck so around 5 I go to bed and am
finally not nauseated! Amen!!! Low and behold Jake wakes me up before
7 - wtf- less than 2 hrs of sleep for the second time at the lake this
year! Ugh! Oh well, I'm ready for the water!

Sooooo, the boys go get the boat part from dennison Texas an we get on
the water around 230 or 3! Omg- hardly any water Saturday- but we rode
to a restaurant on the boat later and it was seriously good! Then back
to the house for some more farkle, which Jennifer is like a freakin
professional at BTW, and then off to bed we go! I passed smooth out!
Such good sleep!

So today we get on the water at like 1130 and didn't come back intil
like 5! It was amazing- relaxing- I got lots of sun and a traumatizing
headache! It hurt so bad I could have cried or puked but I tried to
hold back cause that would just make it hurt worse! So now we are in
our way home and I am exhausted and my head is super sensitive and I
am ready for big brother and bed!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend- and for all of u who start
school tomorrow- good luck! Back to another(my last) semester! Stress
and no time! Bear with me family a d friends I am almost done!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buncomb Creek

So, this weekend I am going to the lake. I am leaving Friday and coming back Sunday night! I cannot wait. I love going to the lake so much. To me there is nothing better than laying out on a raft in a cove with my closest friends and not having a worry in the world. When I leave to go to the lake, I leave all my stress with it! NO HOMEWORK, BILLS, JOB, CHORES, LAUNDRY ~ IT ALL STAYS IN MUSTANG! There is just a feeling of total calmness when I pull into Buncomb Creek and know that my only responsibility is to clean up after myself and take care of Dazy. And I only have to take care of Dazy when she goes. She is going with us this weekend.

Some people crave cigarrettes and alcohol...I really just crave that feeling of no stress that I get when I am out on the water. I dont have to get out on the water and get plastered to have a good time. I just hang out, listen to good music (most of the time) and try to stay out of any drama that could occur. The lake to me is my ultimate cheap getaway! I love it- like many little mini-vaca's! I haven't got to the lake this weekend and I already cannot wait until Labor Day to go again! The only thing that sucks about this Labor Day is that I have to go to a conference for school on the Friday before...and I really wanted to leave for the lake Thursday night after Jake got home from work! But he has to work anyway so Whatev! I just havent gotten enough lake time this year and lake season is too close to being over! =(

So, I will be thinking of all of you while I am out chillaxing my little heart out while gettin my tan on! I hope all of you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First Blog

Okay, So this is my first blog! I havent ever blogged before but it will be nice to be able to just talk about anything that I want to and nobody can tell me that I am talking way too much or anything because they have the choice to read this or not! Im sure that sometimes this will be just a place for me to go vent and sometimes it will be a place for me to talk about how wonderful or horrible my life is going or how stressed I am or nervous about graduating RN school or excitied about graduating RN school! Anyway, i am not the best writer, so if some stuff i say doesnt make sense....sorry! Get over it. Anyway, thanks for reading! I'm sure I will post a little later after I finish laundry and dinner tonight! Hope everyone has had a good day! =)